Meet the Blob: Paris Zoo Displays Self-Healing, Problem-Solving Slime Mold

Paris Zoo set to showcase mysterious new living being called The Blob

Different types of slime mold are found all over the world, usually in damp, dark forests.

The Blob looks like a fungus, has no brain, is bright yellow and can heal itself within two minutes of being cut.

A picture taken October 16, 2019, at the Parc Zoologique de Paris (Paris Zoological Gardens) shows a physarum polycephalum better known as a "Blob", an unicellular organism neither plant, mushroom nor animal and capable of learning despite its lack of neuron. Above all, they want to be loved for what's inside, which isn't hard because that's where almost all of them is.

The "blob" as seen at the Paris Zoological Park. TheGuardianreports they'll be on display this weekend.

"The blob is hard to place in the tree of life", Bruno David, the director of the Paris Museum of Natural History and Zoological Park, said in a statement. "If we fuse two blobs together, the one which learned will transmit its knowledge to the other", David explained.

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This hot sapiosexual won't be playing the dating game for long, snap them up while you still can! Moreover, the scientific researchers at the Zoological Park also say that blob can solve problems like avoiding traps, finding a way through a maze and it can even anticipate and adapt to the changes of the environment.

The origin of Blob dates back to a billion years ago but it was identified in May, 1973, by a Texas woman where it was expanding rapidly in her backyard.

The creature has approximately 720 sexes and can move - without arms or legs - at a speed of 1.6 inches per hour.

The unicellular organism has been named blob after a McQueen science fiction film released in 1958. In part because protists differ vastly beyond their basic classifying definitions, though, researchers still aren't in full agreement over how to refine the blob's classification much beyond that. Seeing as the organism can't be classified as either a fungus, plant, bacteria or animal, it has been put into the Protista Kingdom.

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