NASA showed the curvature of space

A still image of a black hole seen from the side

In April, a group of scientists from the global Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration published the world's first photograph of a black hole. The visualization simulates the appearance of a black hole where the infalling matter has collected into a thin, hot structure called an accretion disk.

NASA's new visualization shows a black hole's warped world and it looks like something you would see in a trippy carnival mirror. Beyond a line of demarcation known as the event horizon, the gravitational force of a black hole is so strong that even light is unable to escape its pull.

NASA has produced a mesmerising visualisation of what it would look like if we could see how a blackhole manipulates gravitational waves.

Observing the black hole's unusual silhouette could be tricky, but it can be broken down into three key areas: Bright knots are constantly forming and vanishing in the disk, as magnetic fields twist through churning gas. The particles are in a thin accretion disk, where the swirling pace nears the speed of light.

Viewed from the side, the disk looks brighter on the left than it does on the right. The glowing gas on the left side of the disk moves so fast that the effects of Einstein's relativity theory give it a boost in terms of brightness. This feature is made up of multiple rings of distorted light which have already orbited the black hole several times before escaping back out into the cosmos.

'Simulations and movies like these really help us visualise what Einstein meant when he said that gravity warps the fabric of space and time, ' explains Jeremy Schnittman, who generated these gorgeous images using custom software at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Black hole annotation
NASA showed the curvature of space

"I never thought that it would be possible to see a real black hole", said Schnittman.

A network of 20 robotic telescopes, ASAS-SN, just spotted a star getting shredded after getting too close to a black hole.

How they are formed is still poorly understood.

When astronomers searched for a black hole to photograph for the first time, they had to wrestle with the fact that the black hole itself is not actually visible.

The black hole responsible for the event likely weighs about six million times the mass of our sun and it's positioned at the center of the 2MASX J07001137-6602251 galaxy, located 375 million light-years away in the constellation Volans.

When these giant stars die, they also go "supernova", a huge explosion that expels the matter from the outer layers of the star into deep space.

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