There Will Be A Partial Lunar Eclipse And Red Moon Tonight

Watch a lunar eclipse live to celebrate Apollo 11 launch day

Partial lunar eclipse, as the name suggests, takes place when the shadow of Earth covers only a small part of the Moon and as a result, only a minor section of the Moon appears dark.

People living in the western and central region of India will witness the entire event, while those living in the eastern regions will get to see the partial lunar eclipse at moonset time in the wee hours.

Unfortunately, North America will be completely shut out; the eclipse occurs during the daytime with the moon below the horizon.

The lunar eclipse should be most visible at around 10.30pm and a partial lunar eclipse could make the moon appear red.

During a partial eclipse, this alignment is slightly off, making it look as if a big chunk has been taken from the side of the moon.

Werewolves probably shouldn't be the first thing you fear when this month's full moon peaks on Tuesday. Observers in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia will be able to see the eclipse, weather permitting. The penumbral coverage is expected to start tomorrow at 12:13 AM IST, while the umbral coverage is expected to start a little later at 1:31 AM IST.

This will be the last lunar eclipse - partial or global - that will happen in 2019.

It will end at approximately 01:17 BST when the Moon exits the Earth's lighter shadow, called the penumbra, RAS said.

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The partial lunar eclipse is not the only reason that the moon is receiving so much hype in the German and global press.

Finally, the penumbral lunar eclipse will end at 5.47 am. This celestial phenomenon was visible in most parts of the world on July 16.

A yoga class watches the partial lunar eclipse on the Mediterranean in Barcelona, Spain.

Jupiter will have already set as morning twilight arrives on July 16, and Saturn will be low in the sky at around 7 degrees above the horizon, seemingly close to the full moon.

The partial lunar eclipse is actually the pair of the total solar eclipse that occured last July 2 when the new moon crossed the ecliptic path of the Sun in the sky.

The nickname is a play on the blood moon description of a full lunar eclipse, when the Moon becomes a shade of red because the only light reaching it is from refracted sunrises and sunsets around the Earth.

Australian National University astronomer Brad Tucker says partial eclipses "actually are quite rare" and there will not be another one for about two years.

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