Stranger Things 3 just broke a huge Netflix record

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Season three of Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix now.

The third season of the '80s-throwback drama of small-town children in fictional Hawkins, Indiana, premiered on July 4 to the biggest audience over four days of any original streaming show in history, according to Nielsen.

Those born in the time when red M&M's have always been a thing probably aren't aware of the fact that Mars Inc., the makers of the candy-shell-coated chocolates, actually discontinued that particular shade of M&M in the 1970s and didn't bring it back until 1987 - two years after the time Stranger Things' third season is set.

"The reason why I like the third season is because the clothing and setting is based on the 1980s in the U.S., which is one of my favorite vintage styles", Shen Man, a clothing designer living in Beijing, told the Global Times.

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The fan theory is that the actor is posting Murray Bauman 's phone number, 618) 625-8313, in his posts, and that once it is complete, that address can really work, leaving an automatic character message to Joyce Byers to discuss Hopper's fate. Of course, given season 3's record-breaking viewership numbers (not to mention, the dangling plot threads from the finale), it seems like a foregone conclusion the Duffer brothers will get a green light in the near future. The rules for TV deaths state, though, that unless you see it happen, it didn't happen, so the fact that Hopper's demise wasn't shown gives us hope that he'll return for season 4. Brown took home $350,000 per episode, matching the salaries of her adult co-stars, Winona Ryder and David Harbour.

The world of Stranger Things has been turned upside down. But this is the problem with great shows that once you're done with it, it leaves you wanting more. Where the first season succeeded in this method, Season 3 fails to follow it this time around.

VidAngel data reported 247 profanities in season 3 of "Stranger Things", compared to 223 in season 2 and 109 in the inaugural season. After singing the theme from "The Neverending Story", Suzie provides Planck's constant as "6.62607004". While Season 1 remains the best, so far, Season 3 is a great addition to the series and deserves to be on everyone's summer watchlist.

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