Mexican president praises foreign minister after USA agrees to drop tariffs

Donald Trump

Facing an escalating showdown with Mexico and an insurrection from his own party, President Trump said Friday the United States had reached a deal with Mexico to avert a 5% tariff on all imported Mexican goods that was due to take effect today and increase to 25% by October.

Mexico and the United States might consider additional steps next month to restrict irregular immigration from Central America, Mexico's foreign minister said on Monday as the USA president renewed his threat to impose tariffs if certain aspects of a deal reached last week were not implemented.

As a part of the agreement, Mexico not only allows those returned from the USA to stay in Mexico but also must offer them work permits, health care and education, the CBS report says.

"They have to get approval, and they will get approval". The president said that he doesn't expect the latter to be "a problem" but would reinstate tariffs if necessary.

Such a step would require the Mexican government to consult the Senate on how to proceed, Ebrard said.

He also referenced the USA expansion of existing Migrant Protection Protocols across its entire southern border, which would mean that those crossing the border to seek asylum will be "rapidly returned to Mexico" while they await the adjudication of their asylum claims.

Mexico had no specific target for the reduction of migrant numbers, Ebrard said.

"Pompeo referenced Mexico's deployment of 6,000 Mexican National Guard forces to its southern border with Guatemala".

During negotiations the United States also wanted Mexico to agree to a "safe third country" agreement, where asylum seekers would be granted asylum in Mexico and be unable to claim asylum in the USA, but Mexico ultimately got the back off that request.

The deal continued to roil Washington. In return, Trump said that he would not go ahead with a threat to impose escalating tariffs on all Mexican goods entering the US.

More news: Trump defends tariff threat against Mexico, calls it 'beautiful thing'

"If we didn't have (the threat of) tariffs, we wouldn't have made a deal with Mexico", Trump told CNBC on Monday.

The president also did not dismiss the idea of possibly imposing tariffs in the future, but said he doesn't think it will be needed.

Key aspects of the agreement are still unclear, including whether Mexico has pledged to buy more USA agricultural products and if the deal materially expanded a previous commitment by Mexico to more vigorously police its southern border with Guatemala. -Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

"The administration's efforts to use the threat of tariffs as a weapon to coerce other countries to change their policies is like a game of economic Russian roulette with US taxpayers as the target", said Brian Riley, director of the National Taxpayers Union Free Trade Initiative.

USA stocks were higher on Monday after the deal, easing worries about the impact of another trade war on the global economy.

"Over time", Mr. Gertz said, "other countries are going to seek to limit their dependence on the American economy, which could harm American economic and diplomatic interests".

"Though this leaves us more or less back where we started, these episodes do still have real costs for the USA", he said. The United States hopes to convince Mexico to become a temporary holding state, so that CPB and Immigration and Customs Enforcement can deport Central Americans to Mexico rather than coordinating with less friendly countries, and the United States government has yet to fully take the threat of tariffs off the table.

Ebrard said Trump was referring to possible further measures to pressure countries other than the United States to share the burden.

There are still aspects of the overall immigration deal to be worked out, but talks are ongoing.

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