Trump Frustrated by Top Advisers over Iran, Wants Talks

US forces Iraq: Missiles moved closer to the US base, says Secretary of State - Daily Star

The Leader said on Tuesday that any confrontation between the U.S. and Iran would not be "a military one", and that "there was not going to be any war".

Ali Shihabi, who runs the Saudi-leaning Arabia Foundation in Washington, said there's a sense that if the Iranians can get away with targeting Saudi oil infrastructure, then "the whole security infrastructure in the Gulf will be called into question and security premiums on oil will rise". Riyadh accused Iran of launching the attack through its proxies, but Tehran and the Houthis insisted the rebels carried it out on their own. The U.S.'s ultimate objective, however, is less certain.

Khamanei makes uranium enrichment threatIn the same speech, Khamenei issued a veiled threat saying it wouldn't be hard for the Islamic Republic to enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels amid rising tensions with the U.S., state media reported Wednesday. Over the past 15 years, he has been Iran's most influential powerbroker in Iraq and Syria, leading Tehran's efforts to consolidate its presence in both countries and trying to reshape the region in its favour.

Washington has slapped sanctions on Iranian industrial metals and oil - the country's two largest sources of export revenue.

A year ago, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a MacArthurian ultimatum, making 12 demands on the Tehran regime.

While the European powers-Germany, France and the UK-have formally declared their continued support for the nuclear accord, they have failed to mount any credible challenge to the U.S. sanctions regime, depriving Iran of the promised benefits of the deal in terms of normalization of trade and investment.

Despite a series of provocative moves on both sides, President Donald Trump has said he doesn't want a war with Iran and has even said he is open to dialogue. Iran's decision does not appear to violate the nuclear deal yet.

"It's IRGC-commanded and controlled Iraqi militias", the official said.

The State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Both the United States and Iran have said they do not want war, and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday he had indications "things will end well" despite the rhetoric. Military action by the US may topple the Iranian regime, but as the Iraq War demonstrated, that's hardly a victory.

A witness told AFP news agency that raids began around 8am (05:00 GMT).

"The action also represents the latest manoeuvring by the Trump administration in the Middle East, where the Pentagon has recently positioned a carrier strike group and a bomber task force", the report added.

Military sources claimed that there could be an increased risk that Iran and its proxies may take action against UK and United States forces in the Middle East. UK military officials likely came up with the same conclusion and resorted to evacuating its non-essential personnel following the recent actions of the Trump administration against the Iranian regime.

The State Department also ordered the evacuation of all nonessential personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, citing tensions with neighboring Iran. Visa services were suspended at the heavily-fortified US missions.

"This is a pin-prick event, a little needle-like jab at the maritime trade going into the Strait of Hormuz", said Gerry Northwood, chairman of risk management and security firm MAST. Its joint success in turning the Syrian popular uprising into an open "war", hiding behind the excuse of "fighting terrorism", has enhanced its negotiating and bartering positions with the United States all over the Middle East.

"Right now Americans serving us in Iraq are facing a serious & imminent threat", Sen.

Iran has close ties to powerful Iraqi political parties and supports powerful Shi'ite militia groups.

It was a telling remark from the supreme leader - Iran is not known to have enriched beyond 20% previously and it's unclear how far Tehran is willing to go in this process.

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