Scientists discover world's heaviest Tyrannosaurus rex

The towering and battle-scarred

Scientists say that 68 million years ago when Scotty was alive and eating everything it could catch, Canada was a subtropical coastal paradise.

But one part of T. rex anatomy doesn't seem so frightful.

Paleontologists have discovered the heaviest Tyrannosaurus rexever seen in the fossil record.

"It was not an easy life, even for the king of predatory dinosaurs, judging by all these injuries", says Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist at the University of Detroit Mercy who wasn't involved with the study, according to National Geographic.

According to the authors of the new study, Scotty was one of the rare T. rexes in the fossil record that actually reached full maturity, which likely contributed to its record-breaking weight. Scotty was originally uncovered way back in 1991, but its bones were so embedded in the hard rock that it has taken over a decade and a half for scientists to piece it together into a larger form that could be studied. Also, it is abnormal for a T-Rex, as it lived for about 30 years.

There's an ongoing debate regarding how T. rexes lived, and it's possible that these huge animals were more comfortable sampling dead carcasses rather than preying for their own meals. You can get an idea of how old a dinosaur is by cutting into its bones and studying its growth patterns. Experts can count the number of rings to determine the creature's age, and also compare the spaces between rings to find out how fast the dinosaur was growing at different ages.

In order to determine Scotty's size and weight, the paleontologists measured the size of the animal's femur, which is a tried-and-true litmus test for how much weight that bone can support.

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"By Tyrannosaurus standards, it had an unusually long life".

Only when Scotty was completely unearthed and fully assembled were the researchers able to complete their investigation.

"Riddled across the skeleton are pathologies-spots where scarred bone records large injuries". "Scotty is all old growth".

A T. rex specimen found in Canada is helping researchers nail down that last point.

Size isn't Scotty's only claim to fame.

It had suffered a number of broken bones, ribs and tailbones, and an infected jaw, possibly in battles with others of its kind.

The "relative scarcity of other equally large and mature T. rex specimens" suggests that these beasts tended to die before they passed the 8.8-ton (8 metric tons) threshold, according to the study.

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