Sandman is back with Neil Gaiman-directed Sandman Universe in August

The cover to the Sandman Universe one-shot. DC Comics

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Launching in August, the Sandman Universe will center on the world and characters around Daniel Hall, the current representation of Dream of the Endless, who first appeared in Gaiman's award-winning Sandman series for DC's mature readers line.

Not long after the character re-emerged as part of DC's Dark Nights: Metal, The Sandman will be at the center of a new universe of content overseen by beloved author Neil Gaiman. But it's a huge sandbox with so many wonderful toys that nobody's getting to play with right now. Gaiman's The Sandman ran in 75 issues from 1989 to 1993, telling an intricate modern myth as intimate as it was epic. The news in question, however, is bound to get fans of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, rather excited. "The Sandman Universe has always been very close and personal to me and I am thrilled to open up the world once again to an extremely talented group of writers and artists", Gaiman in a statement. But The Sandman is a rare corporately owned comics phenomenon whose mystique and originality has defied direct continuations from other creatives. Whether an old or new fan of the original series and subsequent tie-ins, Gaiman's hopes and designs for the special, the spin-offs, and the four writers he has recruited to assist him in redeveloping The Dreaming will surely get Vertigo fans talking.

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"I started feeling guilty", Gaiman told Entertainment Weekly about why the idea of The Sandman Universe appealed to him, "I liked the idea of getting the toys played with again, reminding people how much fun [Sandman] is, and also getting the opportunity to work with some fantastic writers". Well, not Dream himself, but some heavy hitters of his supporting cast. Also, Lucifer is trapped in a odd situation, the Voudoun deity Erzulie has taken up residence in the Dreaming and a young British boy has discovered his magical destiny.

Hopkinson will write House of Whispers and explore how Erzulie, the voodoo deity, ended up in the Dreaming. Si Spurrier's (X-Men Legacy: Legion, Judge Dredd) The Dreaming will follow Lucien and Matthew. Dan Watters (Limbo and the Assassin's Creed comics) will writer Lucifer, centering upon the fallen angel who abandoned his position as The King of Hell. The artists for each title will be announced at a later date. But we aren't some people. No. Books of Magic will bring back Tim Hunter, another Gaiman creation, as he struggles to deal with his conflicting destinies. Watters will write Lucifer, which finds the titular devil blind and destitute, trapped living in a small boarding house in a quiet town where no one can ever leave. Which of the new books are you most looking forward to?

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